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The Rocky Mountains are home to some of the greatest, most unique, and most innovative beards and beard aficionados in the country!

Join us for an evening of beard celebration and facial hair opulence - or enter the contest yourself, if you think you (and your beard) can stand among the best of the best that the Rocky Mountains have to offer!

Open to all participants - sign up using the form below.
You can sign up for additional category entries during your check-in at the event.

Contestant Information:

Event Poster

Contestant Check-In starts at 6:30pm

Entry Price:
     • $10.00 1st entry
     • $5.00 per additional category entry
     • Free Ticket to Event with contest entry


1) Natural Full Beard (measured from bottom of lip)
     A) Under 6 Inches
     B) Over 6 Inches
     C) Business Beard

2) Partial Beard (goatee)

3) Free Style Beard
     A) Natural: Product but no color or object
     B) Creative: foreign objects/color etc

4) Mustache Natural (Product yes, nothing added/natural color)
     A) Western
     B) Handlebar
     C) Fireman Section

5) Free Style Mustache
     A) Creative

6) Bearded Lady

7) Man Sweater